Case study : Bugatti T35B silenced exhaust

Solving the Goodwood noise problem

The big day is set, the ‘Mission Motorsport’ charity event at the historic Goodwood Circuit.  The car, an iconic  Bugatti T35B, is fired up for scrutineering but fails the noise test.  All manner of makeshift devices are tried, from bolt on short silencers to ‘Supertraps’ style baffles.  All to no avail.  At 107dB it is far too loud to be released onto the track.  The car (along with a very unhappy driver) is sent home.  It’s a familiar pattern, with a number of classic and historic cars following a similar fate. Performance Projects was asked to solve the issue.

Utilising their experience developing other kits, Performance Projects designed,  manufactured and verified a straight through absorption silencer to Motor Sport Association (MSA) noise test procedures.  The low profile oval design maintained the normal look of the car, whilst the absorption chamber gave maximum suppression with minimal power drop.


The result?  A car under 95dB that sails through even the most stringent of noise tests, allowing it to be used at any event without concern.  Oh, and one very happy customer.