Case Study : Formula 1 Suspension Design

Performance Projects is particularly well known for suspension design, having undertaken clean sheet design for Formula One, Le Mans and other leading international series.

Performance Projects uses a structured process to determine the target¬†features and geometry range. From this information a lightweight ‘stick model’ of the suspension is created. Iteration of the model, in conjunction with iteration of the vehicle simulation models, enables a detailed understanding of loads within the suspension. Load cases varying from normal use to ‘abuse’ cases (such as kerb strike) are added and analysed.¬† The information gained from the analysis process is used to appropriately size the key components, allowing component design to be started. The model is iterated as required for packaging and optimisation as required. The design is then taken through to completion, incorporating the range of raw castings, machining, composite tooling (in various stages as required) and detailed proprietary part specifications.

Performance Projects suspension design has been highly successful, including championship winning cars and unique vehicle entries. Performance Projects has been invited to presented technical seminars at leading industry events, and continues to maintain its competitive edge in suspension design.