Case study : Foxhound Hub Motor

Hub motor installation for Foxhound and other military vehicles.


The architecture of military vehicles is dictated by a number of factors and compromises beyond that of a civilian 4×4. For example, a higher ground clearance has advantages not only for higher articulation to allow travelling over rough ground, but also reduced blast damage from mines.

Performance Projects has completed a feasibility study, part funded by the Niche Vehicle Network, of the design of an electric motor drive housed within the wheel hub. Such a layout allows freedom in the vehicle design, as the limitations imposed by conventional driveshafts are removed.

Conventional hub motors are direct drive, however, the severe parameters for the military vehicle led to the adoption of a geared hub design, with other, additional, features not found on conventional hub motors.

The successful completion of the project opens up a number of avenues for product development in defence, construction and agricultural applications.  For further details please contact us.