VO VOXI Solar Taxi

VO VOXI Solar Taxi @ CENEX 2021

Current methods of transport contribute significantly to atmospheric and noise pollution, and their large format causes congestion issues.  To address this challenge, new & innovative methods of transport are required.  Marianne Bailey, Founder and Head Design Engineer of VO Vehicles, conceived the VO VOXI concept, design engineered, project managed and built the production intent prototype pictured.


VO VOXI Solar Taxi is powered by 100% renewable energy and transports 2 people and cargo through cities. The 8kg briefcase sized removable battery is rechargeable from standard sockets meaning no new charge point infrastructure is needed.


Performance Projects supported VO Vehicles to develop the concept from early design 3D CAD model and drawings by VO Vehicles through to detailed engineering design (computer models, drawings and other information required for quotation, production and assembly) of the skeleton structured, first working prototype mule. The prototype mule engineering work enabled manufacture and build of the first proof of concept vehicle, marking a threshold in the VO VOXI journey.  This helped secure funding for the all-new production intent prototype (pictured) to be entirely design engineered by VO Vehicles. The first public display of VO VOXI Solar Taxi was at CENEX 2021.


‘It was a pleasure to be able to support VO on a critical step.  The working prototype helped secure further funding to develop the production intent prototype, design engineered by VO Vehicles, that encourages investment and adoption of the platform, thus helping to address the major emissions and operating challenges that are upon us.  We wish VO Vehicles every success in the future development and volume rollout’ – Chris Horton, Managing Director, Performance Projects.