OxDrive E-hubs

Climate crisis and labour availability are driving huge change across industries, including agri-tech, construction & mining.  Within agri-tech alone, the UK has a net zero deadline set for 2050, and a seasonal labour shortage of 10-25%.  Automation and electrification play a key role in addressing these challenges.

Performance Projects led the design and development of the fully integrated OxDrive e-hub family.  They allow easy adoption of a compact, reliable and efficient means of propelling a vehicle or robot, enabling vehicle manufacturers to optimise vehicle layout and focus resource on their unique core technologies.  The initial range covers 0.8kW, typically used for swarm robotics, to 8kW, typically used for medium sized tractors.  OxDrive is set to be the standard of high torque off-highway drivelines.

For more information see http://www.oxdrive.co.uk.