Foxhound Hub Motor

The layout of military vehicles is dictated by a number of factors and compromises beyond that of a civilian 4×4. For example, to minimise damage from mine blasts, a “V hull” lower body with high ground clearance is preferred. However, a conventional drivetrain calls for driveshafts to each driven wheel, and accommodating these leads to compromises.

Performance Projects has designed an electric hub motor aimed for such vehicles. With no driveshaft, these offer more freedom in vehicle design, not just with suspension, but also a less compromised V hull. No drivetrain running down the length of the vehicle means there is more freedom in positioning the engine. These hubs would allow a pure electric vehicle, but realistically the vehicle is more likely to feature a fossil fuel powered generator pack. A hybrid power source would allow quiet/cold running.

The design brief was challenging. In particular, the combination of keeping the standard wheel rim size, a high top speed, and a very high torque.

The successful completion of the project opens up a number of avenues for product development in defence, construction and agricultural applications.  For further details please contact us.