FIA GT3 Steering Wheel Design & Supply

A motorsport steering wheel is a critical and complex component.  It is the primary contact between car and driver.  It is one of the most iconic and photographed parts of the car, signalling the form of the manufacturer.  It is a safety critical item.  It is an advanced piece of equipment, requiring many technologies, including CAN-based signal processing, carbon composite, CNC machining, rubber overmoulding, and printed circuit boards (PCB’s) and looms.  This is all aside from considerations for form and durability.

The design and manufacture therefore requires a diverse skill set.  Performance Projects was chosen to undertake this work for a premium GT3 sportscar manufacturer, with the added challenges limited leadtime and cost reduction.

Performance Projects undertook the clean sheet design, creating a lighter weight, increased durability unit.  The product has been supplied under PPAP and has been FIA homologated.  The units have seen multiple seasons of GT3 use across many competitors, competing at iconic endurance events including Sebring 12hr, Spa 24hr and, of course, the great Le Mans 24hr.  The steering wheels have also featured in limited edition ‘track only’ variants of the company hypercar portfolio, further highlighting confidence in quality, form and function.