All-Electric Single Seater

Home Appliances are notoriously difficult to differentiate within the market.  Efficiency and performance are critical to success, but difficult to demonstrate.  However, if the technology is in electric motors then motorsport synergy is the answer.

Performance Projects was tasked with creating an all-electric single seater, driven by world leading motors straight from the manufacturers’ washing machine product line.

The project was taken from initial idea, through visual storyboard to design, build and commissioning of the car, all at our Silverstone site.  The project included bespoke vehicle styling, driveline, and electronics.  The car used multiple motors and gearbox in a unique driveline ‘cassette’ designed by Performance Projects specifically for the programme.  After commissioning, the vehicle ran at the Nurbrurgring. A selection of photographic and live footage was taken, before the car was flown to the corporations main launch event in the Far East.

Following a very successful launch, the car was used to promote the brand (and its world class motor technology) at major industry shows, and formed a centrepiece in high profile locations worldwide.