20/11/17 Niche Vehicle Network awards Feasibility Competition grants


The Niche Vehicle Network Forum, held at the Silverstone UTC, today announced the results of the annual Niche Vehicle Feasibility Competition grants.  Sponsored by Innovate UK and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), the competition provides SMEs and micro companies active in the low carbon vehicle technology sector with grant funding of up to £25,000 to undertake desk-top research activities aimed at catalysing innovative low carbon vehicle technologies applicable to non-human powered road-going and off-highway vehicles.

The competition saw over 80 companies apply, with Performance Projects being one of the small number of successful applicants.  Chris Horton, Managing Director of Performance Projects, commented “It’s a critical period for technology development, with electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles of all types coming to fruition.   Performance Projects plays a critical role in this development, and whilst most of our work is under our customers names, this award recognises the potential of the very interesting work under our own name.  We have major plans for the next twelve months, and we look forward to releasing more details on this project, as well as other developments, in due course.”

For more information on the Niche Vehicle Network competition, see https://www.nichevehiclenetwork.co.uk/feasibility-competition/